Hit Your Shoppers With What They Want

How are you doing with tracking your shoppers’ buying habits?

Are you personalizing your store offers to them based on their shopping history and other attributes?

These days, shoppers want promotions that apply to them and the products they really want and need. They want personalization, and you can give it to them.

Digital marketing has made it possible to track a shopper’s buying habits and use that history to present them with offerings and opportunities that are specifically geared toward their interests.

Before personalization, everyone in a certain mailing zone got the same 150 offers from your store. If those weekly savings weren’t appealing, all you could do is hope shoppers would be loyal anyway.

With personalization, you can now give individual shoppers the offers that are most appealing to them. Personalizing circular items and digital coupons is a great first step; from there you can collect the data you need to go even further… to a point where different shoppers get individualized pricing and you go far beyond the surface level personalization that is so common throughout the industry today.

It’s a valuable opportunity for retailers and we’re excited to guide you through the process.