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Webstop and ShoptoCook Offering New Adsta Platform That Allows Independents to Monetize Their Digital Channels

A new media platform introduced by Adsta is enabling independent grocery retailers to monetize their digital channels by offering advertising opportunities to CPG brands.  The platform offers financial models, analytics, reporting, consulting, access to national offers, and a digital marketing media platform that currently supports 3,500 stores. While large, national...(Read Full Article)

September 22, 2021
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Robert Hemphill: A Career Reflection

The retiring president of Webstop reflects on the lessons he’s learned throughout his career and offers wisdom on the future of the grocery industry. Robert Hemphill seems to have accomplished the impossible during his long career. A visionary talent in his field, he remains simultaneously cherished by coworkers, clients, and...(Read Full Article)

September 14, 2021