2021 Insights and a Look Ahead to 2022 Upgrades

Before we get too busy with 2022, let’s take a last look at 2021 which saw even more digital change and transformation for the grocery industry. Then, let’s look ahead to 2022 and the valuable upgrades that are coming soon to Webstop digital features.

2021 – The Opportunity To Differentiate

As the digital engagement highs of 2020 faded and grocers were faced with a new year of obstacles and opportunities, here is what Webstop’s top retailer websites experienced in 2021.

*With the caveat that there was less than 3% growth across those same categories from 2020 to 2021

While there were drastic jumps in digital engagement from 2019 thru the end of 2021, what became obvious to Webstop’s Insights team is that it was no longer just grocery industry trends driving traffic but also retailers’ strategic decisions and marketing that kept their shoppers coming back. 

And with the highs of 2020 driving most engagement growth, retailers were faced with an uphill battle to maintain those digital gains. Those who did maintain the gains deserve recognition. And there were trends to take notice of as Webstop retailers who beat the industry averages for engagement had markedly more email, digital advertising and digital circular initiatives than their peers. The opportunity for digital transformation is here, now it’s a decision of prioritization.

New Additions and Collaborations

2021 was a big year for Webstop as we continued to support our 2,000+ grocery store network and welcomed over 150 new stores as well.

SpartanNash’s Multi-Retailer Platform 

In June Webstop and SpartanNash launched Webstop’s Multi-Retailer Platform for SpartanNash and over 90 of their independent stores. The Multi-Retailer Platform, Webstop’s wholesaler-focused product allows SpartanNash to offer modern, dynamic websites and email marketing features to their various independents in an efficient and affordable package. We are excited to continue to work with SpartanNash and to join them at their annual Food Show in Minneapolis in February.

INFRA Digital Circular Plus Debut 

Webstop has worked with independent grocers for decades but 2021 offered our first opportunity to support the natural food sector of grocery with our partnership with the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA). In December Webstop and INFRA launched Webstop’s Digital Circular Plus platform for over 50 INFRA retailers and we will continue to expand the program to other INFRA retailers throughout 2022.

A Thriving AppCard Partnership

While AppCard and Webstop have worked together for years, 2021 brought even further collaboration as shared clients expanded their digital coupon and loyalty offerings and Webstop and AppCard were able to expand their integrations to better support these grocers. And that was just the start….

Keep an eye out throughout 2022 as this collaboration expands and we continue to drive shared initiatives forward through our exclusive offerings and continued work together.

What’s Next for Webstop

As we begin 2022, Webstop recognizes that grocery retailers continue to face the waves of digital transformation that are upending retail marketing as we know it. Our focus continues to be on providing the best digital circular and promotions platform in the world and with that as our foundation, we will continue to drive success for our grocers and help them successfully navigate their digital transformations. Specific initiatives will aid in that process including:

ADSTA Retail Media – Monetize The Digital Channels You Own

The launch of the Adsta Retail Media Network, a joint venture between Webstop and ShopToCook, has unlocked monetization opportunities for all of our retailers. With Adsta, grocers now have the opportunity to work with Consumer Goods brands and to offer advertising access to engaged shoppers who are making grocery buying decisions. The Adsta Retail Media Solution for grocers gives Webstop and ShopToCook retailers the chance to monetize the channels they already own. And with over 30+ successful CPG campaigns in 2021, we are excited for an even bigger 2022.

Digital Circular Plus Insights and Intelligence

The Webstop Digital Circular Plus feature offers grocers an opportunity to transform their circular from a static print ad to a dynamic and engaging digital experience. And Webstop continues to add more and more valuable features including eCommerce, digital coupon and personalization integrations to drive this platform forward.

But another great benefit that we have only scratched the surface of is the data and insights that can be learned from analyzing shopper behavior within the Digital Circular Plus platform. In 2022 we will offer our retailers deeper insights and more actionable data than ever before, so that they can best make marketing decisions for the future and navigate the challenges of digital transformation.

Build for the Future 

Webstop recognizes that the print circular is still a valuable tool for most grocers nationwide. We also realize that digital transformation is in full force and that grocers must be ready for the demands and preferences of the next generation of shoppers. And that is why Webstop’s Digital Circular Plus platform is undergoing another major upgrade cycle so that by 2023 we will have a more powerful, more dynamic, more engaging Digital Circular Plus experience available to our grocers. Stay tuned for more details and pilot opportunities….

And THANK YOU! Webstop’s Grocers Are The Key to Our Success

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