5 Tips to Save Last-Minute Shoppers

Christmas is in less than a week!

Have you noticed how stressed people are this year?

As your shoppers are about to do their Christmas grocery shopping and plan for New Year’s Eve parties, you can give them the gift of convenience. Digital tools make communication between you and your shoppers over the next two weeks both fast and easy. It can be as simple as sending them emails letting them know you are here to save the day!

Here are a few quick ideas to get shoppers coming through your doors and prevent them from being overly stressed:

Santa’s Shopping List

Send out a holiday checklist that is available on your website. Do one for Christmas and one for New Year’s Eve party planning.  While they’re on your website, they’ll likely check out your digital circular and coupons, too!

Holiday Take-Out

Put together a “Last Minute Holiday Meal” that your shoppers can order from you.  Provide prepared solutions for your shoppers to successfully and easily share a traditional feast the whole family will love. Have them order their holiday meal online so you can have it ready for them at a specific time. Don’t have eCommerce? That’s ok!  You can take orders and have customers pay at the store when they pick up their order.  If you do have eCommerce, even better.  Delivery or pick up service wins big if you have them in place.

Feast in a Box

Meal planning companies are creating some competition for grocer’s because shoppers love that recipes and ingredients all come together in one box. It’s not too late for you to gather a few simple holiday recipes and all the ingredients needed to make them. Offer them to customers in one simple order.  Imagine cooking your first holiday meal and having all the recipes and ingredients packaged together.  What an incredible gift!

Holiday Coupons

There’s nothing worse than waiting until the last minute to shop for your meal when you’re also feeling the financial stress from the money you’ve dropped on Christmas gifts.  Give those last-minute shoppers some extra savings via digital coupons.  Because traditional items sell out quickly, give them ideas for side dishes they wouldn’t have considered otherwise and then offer them big coupon incentives to purchase those ingredients.

Free Eggnog

Eggnog is something I love, so this tip is straight from my heart.  It’s no secret that free things get people into your store.  Giving FREE EGGNOG makes people feel happy. And happy people enjoy shopping more than grumpy people. So, make the holiday happy!  

These tips all can transition into New Year’s party ideas as well.  Make party planning simple and convenient. Use your digital resources to the greatest potential these next few weeks.

I’ll be back after the holiday to give you more ideas for how to get your customers to keep coming back to your store.