A Secret You Don’t Want To Learn the Hard Way

There’s no doubt Generation X and older Millennials see apps, websites, and email campaigns as added conveniences to their daily lives. Digital tools serve to enhance the shopping experience. It’s no secret that putting your sales online and sending out weekly coupons follows a trend we have seen for awhile.

But here’s a secret many brick-and-mortar stores are learning the hard way.

The next generation sees technology as a NECESSITY not just a convenience.

Younger Millennials and Gen Z’ers expect the brands they interact with to leverage technology in new and innovative ways during their shopping experience. After all, this up-and-coming population of grocery shoppers can’t remember a time before the Internet. Why wouldn’t they assume you have already integrated interactive technology experiences to predict the desires of your mobile-dependent customers?

The headlines about retailers closing up shop have been all over the news. In fact, 2017 saw a 187% increase in store closures over the previous year, which could leave you wondering who’s next.

Understanding the next generation’s needs will put you in a forward-thinking position. Here’s the next generation’s shopping mentality, according to SmartHQ:

50% still prefer to shop primarily in store.

That means you don’t have to rush toward eCommerce yet, but you do need a digital strategy for getting those 50% to come into YOUR store.

95% are doing other things while shopping, most likely on their phones.

Now that’s a big number. Why not keep them engaged with your store while they shop?  It’s possible.

70% are comfortable with retailers tracking their purchasing and browsing behaviors.

That’s right, they are literally inviting you to analyze their shopping trends so you can cater to them. In fact, they aren’t just inviting you–they are EXPECTING you to do it. What an advantage!

70% are frustrated by brands sending irrelevant emails.

Email still remains the most effective tool for reaching your shoppers in the middle of their day. However, you have to give them the information they want. Good thing for you, they are expecting that you know what they want since you’ve tracked their previous purchases and online behavior.

Savvy retailers are embracing new technologies which allow them to stand out from those who are exclusively using impersonal mailers and printed circulars. Top companies are staying in front of the competition by integrating personalized digital experiences like Webstop’s Digital Circular Plus to meet the demands and expectations of the emerging wave of consumers.

Here’s the best part, many of these young shoppers have yet to form brand loyalty, so taking action now could earn you a customer for life. The pace of the market is faster than ever and we can help you deliver the personalized, in-store experiences your customer base is craving.