An Integrated Solution is a Superior Solution [TESTIMONIAL]

Grocery customers shop in a different way than any other retail consumer. They make more frequent trips to the store, select repeat items, put a higher number of items in their basket, and compare promotions and offerings.

Grocers need one single, seamless offering where every part of the customer’s experience is convenient and personalized. Not only that, but grocers should optimize their efforts by having a single point of contact for their digital grocery needs. 

Webstop has designed a fully-integrated, personalized digital platform that accounts for the uniqueness of the grocery industry. We are on a mission to solve difficult problems for our grocers and create the best way forward for engaging shoppers, boosting loyalty, and increasing profits.  

A Superior Integrated Solution for SHOP ‘n SAVE

SHOP ‘n SAVE needed a more user-friendly, end-to-end solution for guiding customers to a complete digital grocery experience. Like many supermarkets, they found themselves offering more digital features over time. As a result, they were using popular components — like digital circulars, a mobile app, loyalty cards, digital coupons, and recipes— but they were all housed in different formats.

What was needed was a digital platform that would provide a cohesive experience. Webstop leveraged its decades of digital grocery experience and enabled SHOP ‘n SAVE to have: 

  • One fully-integrated solution with the best digital features 
  • A single point of accountability
  • Personalized and consistent digital media channels
  • Greater knowledge of their customers through advanced analytics
  • Data-driven planning and effective behavioral strategies

Seamlessly integrating digital media and analytics allows SHOP ‘n SAVE to communicate the right thing, at the right time, in the most effective way.  

In His Own Words

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s Bill Lipsky, Vice President of SHOP ‘n SAVE Merchandising at UNFI , sharing SHOP ‘n SAVE’s Webstop experience in his own words.

At Webstop, we’ve helped thousands of grocers navigate through digital transformation and raise their revenue in the face of new and ongoing challenges. Our goal has always been to keep our clients on the cutting edge of digital technology. With the right technology partner, it is possible to face the future with confidence.

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