Reacting To Grocery Planning Trends and Millennial Grocery Shopping Habits

How well are you doing with keeping up with online grocery shopping trends and the new grocery shopping habits of today’s modern shopper? In our first episode of “Cut the B.S. with Shawn” we look at grocery trends, the future of online grocery planning, and millennials’ grocery shopping habits.

Cut the B.S. with Shawn: Episode 1 from Webstop on Vimeo.

Why Grocery Shopping Habits Have Changed

We are at a point today where more grocery items are bought outside of grocery stores than inside them. Thanks to the ease of food being sold through food service, as well as general merchandise stores and convenience stores, there are more options for picking up items. People buy food from Target and Walmart because it’s convenient, or it’s cheaper, or because they’re already there buying something else.

Our parents and grandparents went to the grocery store once a week. However, people under 40 don’t have the same habits of the generations before them; shocking I know. Life moves faster with so many distractions and demands. Today’s shoppers need options that fit with the on-the-go lifestyle.

How Can Grocers Get People Back?

It’s difficult to know how to fight against behavioral changes and culture, not to mention grocery e-commerce trends. It requires becoming part of the culture, by bending and flexing to become what THEY need instead of asking them to change their behaviors to become what YOU need.

To start, stop shoving your print ad online and forgetting about it. If all you’re doing is sticking a copy of your print ad on your website, it’s time to step into the modern era. In 2018, we’re past that. It’s time to design circulars for the Internet, as in digital first. Is this really a concept that needs supporting evidence?

We have to use the digital features we have available to reach shoppers in a new way. It’s time to use online grocery shopping trends and millennial grocery shopping habits to our advantage. But how?

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