Do’s & Don’ts

8 Simple Do’s and Don’ts for Digital Grocer Success.

In a world of technology overload, it’s important that your digital presence is “Love at First Site” for your customers.  But you may be asking yourself:

How can I assure my mobile app earns a coveted spot on my customer’s mobile home screen? 

After all, according to the Android app Locket, the average smart phone user looks at their phone once every six or seven seconds during peak times, with some users unlocking their devices up to 900 times a day.

Maybe you’re thinking:

How can my digital circular or digital coupons become something my consumers say they can’t live without?

Based on our years of experience developing and implementing digital grocer success, we’ve put together a few do’s and don’ts that can move you toward the goals you desire.

The Do’s

Find an Expert

It’s not enough to simply work with a digital provider.  You need to find an expert in grocery digital marketing, who has a talented, well-rounded team and will also offer you personalized support for your business.

Integrate Various Digital Solutions

Shoppers are looking for simplicity.  They don’t want to register multiple times for each of your different digital offerings. Therefore, having a single registration that supports all your various features—known as full integration—is essential.

Ensure Responsive Design

Your consumer should be able to move from laptop, to tablet, to smart phone and still have the same great experience. Responsive design means your website formats correctly on any device, which translates into a more successful user experience and a more loyal customer base.

Offer Dynamic Features

The days of static websites are a thing of the past. Customers are looking for interactive features, including advanced digital circulars, online shopping lists, eCommerce, and push notifications.  These dynamic features connect with shoppers and repeatedly drive them back to your store.

Include Direct Communication

Every good digital experience should have a strong email connection. Reminding shoppers that new content is available will keep your brand top-of-mind and move traffic to your website.  Email remains the most successful way to reach your consumers directly and keep them coming back for more.

The Don’ts 

Build It and Forget It

One of the biggest errors you can make is believing once your website is built, you can move on and forget about it.  Your website needs to be consistently refreshed by someone who is committed to posting regular, weekly updates (or more).

Overload It

Your shopper can only focus on a limited amount of content at one time. Remember to keep a user-friendly design that is clean and easy to navigate. Cramming too much content on the home page only means that everything gets lost in a flood of information.

Overlook the of Majority Shoppers

While it’s true that eCommerce is growing, it’s important to remember that 90% of your shoppers will still come through your front door. Don’t turn your website into an eCommerce-only experience. The majority of your shoppers are looking to easily access information that will enhance their in-store visit.

If you’re looking for assistance to either start or improve your digital grocery success, Webstop is here for you.  Give us a call for a personalized consultation with one of our digital grocer experts.

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