Everything You Need to Know About Webstop’s Digital Circular Plus Platform

One platform, endless opportunities…

Digital circulars are just one of the many ways that grocery marketing has changed since the advent of the Internet. In an era where online engagement is paramount, the digital circular serves as a dynamic and interactive platform, connecting retailers with their customers in real-time. It’s not just a convenient way to browse through current offers and promotions but also a sustainable approach to disseminating information without the need for physical materials.

But despite being around for a while now, many grocers are still struggling to fully utilize this powerful tool, resulting in missed opportunities to connect with an audience of tech-savvy consumers, deliver targeted promotions, and drive shopper engagement. Below, we take a closer look at Webstop’s Digital Circular Plus, a unique all-purpose digital marketing platform that distributes dynamic content for thousands of retailers across the U.S. 

From Print to Pixels

The reason digital circulars are so important is due to their ability to seamlessly adapt and cater to constantly evolving consumer preferences. This doesn’t just mean preferences for particular products but also shifting to meet the expectations of how customers prefer to shop. By now, even older generations, who typically take their time to adopt new technologies, have embraced digital shopping. Digital circulars meet shoppers where they are — on their phones when they are deciding what to buy. 

Webstop’s Digital Circular Plus does more than just put the print ads of yesteryear on a screen. It acts as a versatile and comprehensive digital marketing platform that can be tailored to meet the exact needs of retailers. The platform provides comprehensive solutions like: 

  • Digital Coupons are strategically placed next to weekly ad items that can be redeemed, with the ability to make customized coupons that respond to a customer’s previous shopping history. 
  • eCommerce options make it easy to transfer items from a digital recipe book to a shopper’s cart, with a variety of other integrations available as well. 
  • Digital Advertising has the potential to reach audiences based on geographic targets, demographic profiles, and more. 
  • Omnichannel Marketing broadens the grocer’s reach to target specific users and guarantees consistent messaging across OTT/CTV, streaming, targeted IP, and texting. 
  • Analytics Tracking provides actionable data on campaign performance, setting up retailers for success in their future outreach strategies. 

Webstop’s Digital Circular Plus has emerged as the future of grocery circulars by seamlessly integrating eCommerce, personalization, digital coupons, email newsletters, and mobile apps. This level of innovation not only sets grocers apart from their competition but also delivers a distinctive, shopper-centric experience that’s unmatched in the marketplace, ensuring genuine shopper engagement. 

Digital Circulars Decoded

The proof of digital circular’s success isn’t hard to find. With recent data suggesting that nine out of every ten grocery shoppers actively use smartphones while in the store, the ability to put targeted messages in front of them has never been more important. But customer outreach isn’t the only motivating factor. Digital circulars also position retailers to save money on their marketing budgets. On average, printed circulars cost about $55.00 per thousand, with product weight driving most of the cost. Adding circulars to a local newspaper can cost anywhere from $25.00 to $120.00 per thousand, depending on page count. And solo mailing options can cost up to $200.00 per thousand. 

Through strategic partnerships with established retailers, Webstop has witnessed print distribution costs that exceed $13 million dollars annually disappear or be drastically reduced by implementing the Digital Circular Plus Platform. However, this implementation is about more than just realigning budgets. It has been instrumental in catalyzing a significant increase in mobile and website usage among consumers. Most crucially, the impact resonates where it matters the most—actual sales in stores. 

Despite its presence for some time, the untapped potential of digital circulars has left many grocers struggling to harness this important tool effectively. This shortfall has led to missed opportunities to connect with motivated customers and the ability to drive shopper engagement with customized promotions. Webstop’s Digital Circular Plus extends the reach of typical digital circulars, turning retailers’ outreach into a versatile, tailor-made digital marketing platform that’s catered specifically to their needs. In an era where an online presence matters most, Webstop is separating itself by facilitating meaningful engagement between retailers and their customers. 

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