Harps Reimagines Digital Presence, Brings Increased Customer Loyalty to 113 Stores

Harps partnered with Webstop to navigate a changing market— applying loyalty programs, digital coupons, and more.

Embracing digital is no longer optional in the grocery industry. The pandemic has driven years of innovation in a matter of months.  This rapid progress has left many retailers reeling, trying to establish an online presence on the fly with an in-house team that is already stretched thin. But those who had already solidified their digital operations were able to make real-time adjustments to their already existing channels, setting their retail locations up for instant success when the world suddenly shifted to online sales.

Harps Takes On Digital 

This was the case for Harps Food Stores. In 2009 Harps recognized the importance of establishing a digital foundation for all of their stores, which total 113 locations today. There were plenty of options, but Harps recognized that their new partner had to simultaneously provide short-term solutions to unforeseen problems with a shared vision for their long-term goals.

“Webstop is a crucial partner to us as we recognize that digital is going to be more and more relevant on a daily basis.”

David Ganoung, VP Marketing

Consistency from the Start 

Harps’ thorough research ultimately led to a partnership with Webstop, who they continue to work with today. Webstop offered a broad range of services to update their online presence as well as connections to crucial digital providers. Since then Harps has achieved success online by iteratively launching a digital coupon, loyalty and e-commerce solution, all in an integrated platform overseen by Webstop. 

The Birdzi loyalty platform integration with the Webstop-powered Harps website allowed Harps’ retail locations to launch a new loyalty platform and mobile app in a seamless fashion. With Webstop’s help, Harps’ stores have established an easy-to-use online experience that works to simultaneously benefit their retail locations and shoppers.

Agility Means Longevity

But a long-term partnership like this demands more than just a one-time application. A good partner needs to be able to adjust as the market evolves or needs change. After all, the last two years have revealed that the retail landscape can shift at a moment’s notice. During the pandemic, Webstop worked closely with retailers as they were overwhelmed and understaffed. 

Webstop has helped retailers like Harps pivot quickly and design features they need in the short term by offering a flexible marketing platform that promotes exactly what stores want to showcase. In 2020, this meant responding to the surge in online shoppers with digital-only specials and personalized offers that supplemented weekly ad content and additional valuable promotions.

Success Now, Success Later 

Webstop’s ability to offer real-time solutions is not something that is unique to the pandemic, but a part of a larger approach to growth. Even without a pandemic, the retail landscape is always changing. Webstop provides intuitive tools that allow retailers to seamlessly shift their messaging no matter what circumstances arise. 

Whether digital offerings are responding to changing customer habits, showcasing new products, or the addition of new stores, Webstop works tirelessly to make sure the retailer’s digital presence reflects long-term goals.

Find the Right Partner

A healthy grocery digital partnership is consistent, evolving alongside your business goals to achieve steady growth. Most importantly, a good partner will help you increase sales and communicate transparently about results. 

Webstop offers a digital platform that simultaneously integrates your brand’s existing strategies and provides creative solutions to pivot when circumstances change, all while keeping an eye toward future growth. 

Are you ready to enhance your digital presence?