How HAC Found a Teammate

HAC’s to-do list was growing, so they found a digital partner that felt like part of the team.

Marketing for independent retailers oftentimes means wearing a lot of hats. Overseeing all advertising, community partnerships, in-store signage, as well as navigating the vital digital retail space all on a limited budget. When stretched this thin, brands have no choice but to work with outside partners to help lighten the load. 

But finding the right partner is no small task. Retailers have to be sure that the brands that are supporting them understand their goals, and approach their strategies with a similar mindset. They need support that operates less like a third-party application, and more like an extension of their own team.

Facing a mountain of responsibilities with limited staff support, HAC had to figure out a way to solidify its online presence. But they knew they required more than just a one-time site build. HAC needed a sustained relationship from a partner that felt equally invested in their long-term success.

An Extension of Your In-House Team

HAC found their teammate in Webstop, who immediately supplied them with account managers who act as their own personal digital marketing specialists. Webstop began facilitating all of HAC’s marketing emails, provided frequent updates on their websites, and established instant communication with HAC’s other partners, coordinating strategies so they didn’t have to. 

Webstop lightened the load for HAC in a way that ultimately benefits their customers. After all, it’s not enough to put a collection of unorganized digital offers together. Without intentional integration, shoppers can get confused, which leads to disengagement. Webstop’s emphasis on the user experience facilitates customer loyalty, providing a positive experience that ensures customers will visit again and again.

Skin in the Game

In functioning as the brand’s own in-house marketing team, Webstop shares a common vision for goals and growth. In HAC’s case, the results were obvious. The last six months brought impressive numbers of digital engagement.
Not only were more customers visiting the site, but they were also staying longer and visiting more pages. HAC saw its number of unique visitors increase by 15%, alongside an 80% increase in page views, and a 60% increase in average session duration. Overall, pages visited per session increased by 40%.

Webstop Builds Different

Tech providers have a tendency to make it hard for independent retailers to customize their solutions to meet specific needs. There can be a long turnaround time, not to mention charges for additional services. For independents who are in charge of so many other aspects of marketing, this can be detrimental to long-term goals. 

But Webstop is different. HAC knows exactly who their point of contact is at Webstop, and has access to them anytime they need. When HAC is strapped for time, they know that they can even rely on Webstop to help carry the load on extra responsibilities like design work.

Lighten Your Load

Retailers today have no choice but to prioritize their web presence, but with so many other responsibilities it’s difficult to do it well. And with something as important as digital marketing, where a single oversight can lead to negative consequences throughout the entire company, cohesiveness is vital. 

Webstop helps take away that pressure by acting like an extension of your team instead of a third-party provider. 

Are you ready to take your digital presence to the next level?