How HAC Gained Access to Creative Digital Solutions

HAC needed availability in their digital partner. Webstop answered the call with vital results.

Effective marketing requires timely shifts in strategy to ensure that your message is connecting with customers. Sometimes, no matter how well you plan, a quick decision needs to be made and a new approach needs to be implemented. But if you’re working with a third party, this means you’re at their mercy for responding promptly to your needs. 

Is it too much to ask for quality work right when you need it?

Quick Turnaround for HAC

This is where HAC found themselves. Working in a fast-paced industry that demands instant decisions, they noticed that too often their digital strategy partners were not responding in a timely manner. By the time pricing was agreed on, meetings were scheduled, and plans were made, the industry had shifted again and their strategies felt outdated.

Availability When You Need It Most

But when HAC partnered up with Webstop, things began to change. The team at Webstop began to function as an extension of HAC, communicating with them about their plans and obstacles as often as they needed. A quick phone call in the morning expressing a problem would often lead to a presentation in the afternoon offering detailed strategies to address HAC’s current situation. 

And when it comes to responding to a specific vision, no idea is too big. HAC has come to realize that Webstop’s answer is almost always “yes.” By prioritizing solutions first, and worrying about administrative details later, Webstop gets the ball rolling on finding creative solutions for their partners’ most complicated problems.

Good Help is Hard to Find

Take the recent hiring shortage. HAC recognized that their stores were in serious need of finding reliable employees and reached out to Webstop about how they could help. Webstop knew that potential applicants needed a user-friendly corporate website where they could easily access information on job opportunities. They restructured all of HAC’s sites with a more intentional focus on hiring, making it as easy as possible for applicants to apply. 

The success of this approach was ultimately seen in the individual stores, which benefited from an efficient system that collected applications and organized them in a way that was easy to engage with. By emphasizing accessibility, HAC was able to make quality hires for all of their stores across the country with the simple implementation of one project.

Meeting You Where You Are

Webstop knows that the key to fast solutions is implementing successful tools that are already in place. For HAC, this meant working with other vendors that are key to their daily operations, integrating their services into the apps and websites that Webstop helped create. 

This allows HAC to remain consistent in the overarching vision for their stores, and provides them an essential boost to all of their digital offerings regardless of their other partnerships.

Relationships First

HAC has come to appreciate the person-first approach that Webstop offers. Whether it’s drawing up new digital strategies, or responding to a problem that needs to be addressed right away, they know that when they make a call the Webstop team will answer with a plan. 

Are your digital partnerships setting you up for success?