How SHOP ‘n SAVE Was Positioned for Changing Trends [TESTIMONIAL]

Grocery stores have remained open from the start of COVID-19, yet how people are shopping has changed. Customers’ expectations are different now, and they may never go back to the way they were before. 

How is your store keeping up with the latest trends?

SHOP ‘n SAVE, an 80-store grocery chain, implemented a more user-friendly, end-to-end digital solution before they knew how shopping behavior was going to change. The supermarket launched a new website and mobile app with Webstop in August 2019.

In his video testimonial, Bill Lipsky, Vice President of SHOP ‘n SAVE Merchandising at UNFI, expresses that SHOP ‘n SAVE’s digital efforts with Webstop have equaled—if not exceeded—their previous efforts across all advertising channels including print.

In addition to SHOP ‘n SAVE, Webstop has helped thousands of grocers navigate through digital transformation and raise their revenue in the face of new and ongoing challenges. 

COVID-19 has created an opportunity for forward-thinking grocers to reset their strategies and position for the new normal. If you are one of those retailers, we would love to assist with these efforts.

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