How to Get Your Shoppers to Spend Nearly 50% More Time on Your Site in Just One Year

Get this – your shoppers want to spend more time with you. If they’re shopping at your store, signing up for your loyalty programs, and spending consistently, it’s safe to say you have a healthy brand-consumer relationship. But you can take this relationship to the next level by replacing outdated tech and separated apps. Within one year, your shoppers could be spending nearly 50% more time on your site, resulting in an overall increased customer lifetime value. 

SHOP ‘n SAVE, an 80-store grocery chain, launched a new website and mobile app with Webstop in August 2019. In his video testimonial, Bill Lipsky, Vice President of SHOP ‘n SAVE Merchandising at UNFI, shares how integrating all their third-party applications through Webstop’s full-featured mobile app skyrocketed SHOP ‘n SAVE’s website performance metrics over the course of one year. 

The Results Speak for Themselves

Because Webstop’s platform provides valuable, in-depth metrics, SHOP ‘n SAVE has been able to see their results over the past year in real-time: 

Want These Kind of Results?

Having a partner like Webstop can help prepare you for the future digital state and gives regional grocers a much better chance to be on par with larger chains and big box stores. 

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