How To Win The Battle Against Walmart [VIDEO]

Grocers often feel desperate when Walmart opens in their town—and with good reason. Many local and regional stores are losing big revenue as shoppers turn away from traditional supermarkets to fill their shopping lists at big box stores. Grocers are left scrambling to keep their best customers.

Webstop is introducing our new, advanced personalization initiative in a three-part video series. These videos are not quick commercials promoting personalization. They are deep-dive conversations with Dave Carlson and Jim Dippold, experts in analytics, personalization, and customer behavior strategies for Tier 1 retailers.

In this video, Jim shares what he learned personally when he helped a grocery chain use the power of personalization to overcome the massive 20% decrease in revenue they experienced when Walmart came to town.

In this second video in the series, we also discuss:

  • Identifying the customers most likely to leave you for big box stores
  • Prioritizing your best customers over your average customers
  • Hyper-personalization and why it is so powerful
  • Staying relevant with a personalization strategy
  • Customer’s behavior that is misguided

At Webstop, we help grocers raise their revenue and profits in the face of new and ongoing challenges. Dave and Jim have spent their careers building personalization features for Tier 1 retailers and now they’re working with Webstop to do the same for our customers.

About Dave & Jim

Dave Carlson has been driving the vision and development of collaborative Shopper Marketing systems for the retail industry for over 20 years. He has an extensive network of industry connections with the leading evangelists, consultancies, and technology suppliers that define and enable best practice Shopper Marketing. He has designed and delivered business intelligence applications used by most US CPG manufacturers and retailers.

Jim Dippold began his career at a major retailer, where he gained first-hand experience in marketing, replenishment, & merchandising, all of which helped in authoring the “1st Best Demonstrated Practice” category management book. He has conceived, designed and implemented solutions that have armed leading retailers from around the globe with actionable insights about their customers for the purpose of driving marketing campaigns, merchandising activities, sales programs and trade partner negotiations.