How to Win the War on Grocers

It’s no secret, the grocery industry is engaged in a war of the ages. According to a March 2018 Bloomberg Technology report, more and more regional grocery chains are facing challenges. European-born discounters are expanding and forcing grocers to keep lowering prices. In addition, the two largest grocers in the U.S., Kroger Co. and Walmart Inc., are investing more in technology and delivery services.

How can smaller stores compete?

The good news is—YOU CAN!

You can be a clear winner in the grocery wars if you understand that consumers will be looking for the benefits of more convenient shopping services. Your customers want you to come where they are spending most of their time.

Your customers need you to have a presence online and on their phones, but that alone is not enough.  They want to be known by you through powerful analytics that predict their shopping habits and preferences. The supermarkets that will survive and thrive over the next decade will need to find ways to shave operating costs, primarily through considering their ad budgets and investing in the use of smart technology.

If you’re willing to engage with your shoppers, meet them where they already are, and show that you know them and their shopping habits something amazing will likely happen. They will make a commitment to fight for you.  If you take the right strategy, they’ll also tell their friends and family about you and, suddenly, your existing customers will begin to grow your business with new shoppers.

There is no longer time to be unwilling to engage today’s shoppers online. It’s time to turn your existing customers into raving fans.  It’s time to win!

Webstop’s Digital Circular Plus is an excellent place to start. Because it’s designed specifically for the internet, responsive on tablets, and mobile-friendly, the Digital Circular Plus immediately takes you where your customers already are.

Here’s just a few ways it can help you win:

Engages Customers

  • Integrates your most popular promotions with the highly trafficked digital circular
  • Customizes to your individual shopper’s preferences
  • Incorporates popular features, including:
    • Recipes
    • Coupons
    • Videos
    • Sweepstakes Entries

Increases Sales

  • Offers advanced analytics that reveals the user’s habits
  • Suggests additional purchases when shoppers are already in buying mode
  • Happy customers refer more friends and family

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