Marketing Through Mobile Devices

If you want to better connect with shoppers, digitally, you have to meet them where they are. As the digital future evolves, this means you have to master mobile marketing. As website traffic steadily decreases on desktop and increases on mobile, it’s more imperative than ever that you think ‘mobile-first’ with your strategies.

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Here are a few strategies to consider:

Push it. Push notifications, that is. Email is a perfect tactic for reminding shoppers about weekly circulars, but emails can get lost in the shuffle. As push notifications become more popular across retail, they are worth tie-ing into your marketing tactics, and are effective for changing shopping behavior through an immediate connection. If you want to be effective, as well, deliver really valuable, high-quality, relevant deals and content through push notifications. Otherwise, shoppers will ignore you like that weird person who won’t stop texting even though you never respond.


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Design for mobile-first experiences. Is your website mobile friendly? If not, it’s time for a redesign to be responsive on both mobile and desktop platforms. Many shoppers look up deals and make purchases on the go, so your site needs to be dynamic. If you’re not delivering an optimal experience across devices, you’re behind.

Don’t get hung up on millennials. Older demographics—40 years plus—are actually the largest demos visiting grocery sites. Despite any myths out there, older generations are not digitally incompetent. They know how to use their phones, text, share pictures of their grandkids on social media, etc. Make sure you’re appealing to them with the types of offers they want, as well.

Supplement your strategy. Combine mobile-friendly experiences with strategies like Digital Circular Plus, recipes, videos, meal solutions and more, and you’ll better position your store  to connect with shoppers with the most relevant content at their most relevant touchpoints.