Sell More Groceries, Bag More Cash

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of fast-moving technology that is flying around the grocery industry?

Just when you feel like you are beginning to understand one thing, there are new inventions like iBeacons, digital shelves and audible voice recognition.

With all of these changes, how is a grocer supposed to win?

As retailers, there will always be new ways to connect with shoppers. It’s true, people are no longer looking at as much print media, watching traditional cable television, or listening to broadcast radio. They’re now using new channels by way of the internet and their phones. While traditional methods and channels are changing, there are still timeless principles that continue to be the key to success.

3 Timeless Principles for Winning

#1 Your customer will always be the hero

Your customer is the main character in the story of your business. You exist to support them and shine a spotlight on how much you value their loyalty and commitment to your brand. Without them, you wouldn’t have a business. That’s why outstanding customer service remains a timeless principle for grocers.

Previously, an unhappy customer may have called the store to complain and a trained employee would have pleasantly offered anything they could to keep the customer happy and loyal. Today, customers leave reviews on social media pages and/or Google. These are much more public complaints and they need to be handled in a timely, personable, and polite follow-up that lets your customer (and the rest of the world) know you value them. The channels have changed, but your emphasis on great customer service is still a timeless principle that will guide your success.

#2 Big promotions will always be essential

When grocers want customers to come back, they need to blaze a promotional trail that gives shoppers an incentive to return. Your competitors are offering promotions to lure your customers away from you, so there is a constant need to ask yourself how you can offer something even better or more valuable. Figuring out what your customers want and then putting those things directly in their path has always been a critical part of success. In fact, coming up with attractive promotions has become a bigger deal than ever.

In the past, you would have put flyers in grocery bags, delivered reminders door-to-door, or sent mailers. Today, the methods of reaching customers are rapidly changing. If you want your promotion to land on their doorstep, you now have to appear on their phone, tablet or computer. Promotions have always reeled in new customers, lured customers from competitors, and gotten current customers to buy differently.  Though the methods of communication are different, big promotions are still a winning principle.

#3 Convenience remains the route to success

Maybe you remember a day when you were the only grocer in town. Customers would naturally choose your store because you were located along their daily route.  Now, there are more competitors and a growing trend of megastore brands.

Convenience remains the route to success, but now that means being in your customer’s hands. Going digital can help you be more convenient.  

  • e-Commerce makes grocery shopping easier, as customers can add things to their cart any time from any location, hit send and have their groceries delivered.
  • Digital couponing means no more clipping, filing, and rifling through stacks of paper to try to find the coupons that match the purchased products.
  • Recipes directly available on the store website or mobile app mean customers can find inspiration, plan, and shop all in one location.  

Digital conveniences engage more shoppers, increase profitability and build brand loyalty.  They also prove that convenience is an important factor for grocers who want to stay in the game.

All three of these timeless principles have always been foundational for helping grocers win. Now, the addition of digital opportunities will help grocers sell more groceries and bag more cash.