Tech Talk is a Human Conversation

Picture this. Your leadership team gathers for a brainstorming meeting, which is when you all get in a room together to, well, brainstorm. You begin with a ten-minute update about the latest grocery shopping trends and goals you have for keeping up with technology and engaging shoppers. You welcome anyone to talk about any desired topic so long as it’s educational and relevant to the industry. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, and sometimes beer…I mean, coffee shoots out of your noses. No matter what, you walk away feeling good that you talked about all of that important stuff and clarified a roadmap for how to get to the goals you’ve set.

Maybe you can’t even picture this, because you can’t remember the last time this kind of collaboration happened with your leadership team.

Many meetings focus on profit goals—let’s hit those numbers and make some money!  Hey, who doesn’t love making money? That’s the point.

But what are your technology goals?  

How can technology help you hit higher profits and increase foot traffic in your store?

How do you plan to stay relevant in a fast-moving-ever-changing-mind-blowing age of technology?

And, how can you do it all within a budget you can afford, right here and now?

When we talk about keeping up with technology, what we’re really talking about is keeping up with human beings. No, I don’t think humans are robots. What I mean is, humans are now relying on technology for everything. I mean, technology can now drive cars for us—although, I’m not sure I recommend it. The line between technology and human beings gets more blurred all the time.

Advancements in grocer technology enable stores to foster more interactions and transactions with shoppers. Technology allows us to monitor customers’ experiences and personalize future, frictionless shopper engagement. Tapping into technology produces analytics and opens up the customer mind-set to you. And if you think technology is moving at warp speed, start tapping into the minds of your shoppers and you’ll see how quickly shopping trends can change. Today’s kombucha rage is tomorrow’s kimchi craze.

So, now picture this. It’s Monday morning, and you wish you could just brainstorm with someone about how to better engage your shoppers, increase your profits, and stay current in the revolving door of technological change. You wish you could get a ten-minute update about the latest grocery shopping trends and set some goals for keeping up with technology. You’d like to laugh so hard that coffee shoots out of your noses. (Ok, maybe not that one.)  You want to walk away from a meeting feeling good that you talked about all of that important stuff and have some strategy for how to get to the goals you’ve set.

You CAN do this.  WE can do this. Together.

When Webstop collaborates with grocers, we challenge each other to grow beyond our current limits. We brainstorm with intentionality and push the bounds of possibility in order to do great things—for you, for ourselves, for everyone.

P.S. You don’t have to wait until Monday morning to call us.