The Power of “One More”


How much would it be worth to have your average customer make one more stop in your store per week? How about making one more purchase of an extra product you offer that they would normally get somewhere else?

Seriously, think about a dollar amount.

Now, what are you currently spending on your efforts to increase your foot traffic and add-on items? Is it working? Probably not, or at the very least, you know deep down it could be better. The old methods aren’t working the way they used to.

The younger generation of shoppers are bringing new shopping habits and new demands to the marketplace at an alarming rate. Millennials (ages 22-37) have already displaced Baby Boomers (54-72) as the largest demographic. Here’s the most important factor, Millennials are setting a new bar for consumer preferences, with both Gen-X (38-53) and Boomers echoing Millennial customer expectations.

Now, your 30-something, mother of two is still getting her produce and grocery items from you but she’s passing right by your health and beauty items only to pick them up at the local Target or from online retailers like Amazon. They might even be making that online purchase from their mobile device while INSIDE your store.

What if there were a way to keep more of your customers’ designated dollars in-house while increasing their awareness of items they never knew they needed?

With digital, you can, and it is easier (and more cost-effective) than you think.

For years, if you wanted more shoppers in your store or if you wanted to push a product or impulse-buy, print was king. Newspaper inserts, postcards, mailings, print coupons, all had their day using the most modern methods of communication possible. But now with digital, you have the power to get your latest sale directly into the hands of anyone quickly and affordably.

Millennials grew up with the Internet and to them it is natural to start there when seeking information. As a retailer, you need to key into these behaviors and use them to your advantage. If shoppers today are tapping their smart phones between 3k and 5k times per day, then your specials and promotions need to be accounting for some of those taps. Whether it’s a modern website, a powerful mobile app or an engaging digital circular, your digital features are the starting point for generating these extra visits to your store.

And don’t just do what everyone else is doing. Retailers today are becoming more savvy, they are finding digital marketing partners to help them get ahead but here’s the thing… most retailers don’t seek out experts in grocery digital marketing. Instead they find a local agency or some local developers and end up suffering through the same learning curves that Webstop went thru ten years ago. Our team works with grocers and only grocers; we know what strategies work and which ones don’t because we have over 1,500 stores implementing these strategies every day. Join the platform thats been around the longest and that will get you ahead and build on our experience.

And make sure your shopper’s extra trip doesn’t become your competitor’s “one more.”