The Power of Speaking “Woman”

Women still dominate the marketplace as one of the most powerful consumer segments in the world. When it comes to household purchases, their influence over decisions is greater than their male counterparts’.

Although women’s personal and professional advancements have grown significantly in recent decades, their time spent grocery shopping has not decreased. When looking at the women demographic specifically, we see that convenience and value rank highest in importance. And because women make up two-thirds of today’s grocery shoppers, they must be a focus for your business.

Do you know their language and why it’s so important to speak it?

TIP #1: Women Still Rule the Kitchen

Sure, you could name some awesome celebrity chefs who are men, but according to a recent report, 84% of women are still the ones preparing the main household meal. More than half of women are actually cooking at home five times per week. With this mind, you need to make shopping in your store easy but also inspiring for them.

Provide Easy Recipes

The hardest part of being Queen of the Kitchen is figuring out what to make for dinner. Women spend hours on Pinterest looking for meal ideas and creating boards with the latest slower cooker soups, Instant Pot magic dinners, and family-pleasing 30-minute meals. Push yourself in front of Pinterest. Even ON TO Pinterest.

Become her go-to resource for meal planning by providing recipes and cooking videos that fuel her culinary creativity for the week. Nestle these resources into your digital circular next to some of the ingredients she will need. Make it easy for her to save your recipes to her Pinterest boards—and share them with her friends.  

Go Direct to Lists

Her love language is organization. There’s an easy way to get to her heart. By and large, women still prefer to shop from lists. If you make it easy for a woman to go from recipes directly to creating a well-organized, store-friendly shopping list—well, you’re on your way to a long-term romance. She’ll go from ingredient chart to shopping cart, just like that.

Provide the Facts

64% percent of women who cook at home say they make most meals using fresh and healthy ingredients. Why is this important? If you’re a woman, chances are you want to nurture your family (even your pet) with the best possible food selections. Women want quick, healthy options and will do research (translation Google searches) to find the latest information about shopping trends. Gluten-free, vegan, low-sodium, Whole30, high fiber, high protein, organic…choices, choices, choices!  Show her you support her goals and want her to have greater clarity. Pique her interest by sharing valuable content that supports her buying interests and makes it easily accessible to her. In turn, she’ll feel like you care and turn to you to make her purchases.

TIP #2: Women Are Torn Between Brand and Price

Exactly half of all women say they typically stick to the brands they know. That said, a little over half are on the lookout for the best offers and deals. Luckily you can give them both!

Show Off Your Sales

Price matters to her, and she’s not just looking for the best deal on Coach purses. She wants the greatest deals on produce, personal care products, and even pancake mix.  Women are savvy. They put an emphasis on savings. Keep your weekly specials in the palm of her hand. Learn her buying habits and send her notifications when her favorite products are on sale.

Save The Trees

You had her at “coupon.” Women are still leading the charge in coupon clippings. Well, sort of. They no longer want to waste time or resources to actually sit down and cut out paper coupons. The growing interest in digital coupons cannot be outpaced. The great thing about the digital world is that personalization features can help deliver the exact coupons she needs to buy more of what she wants. A coupon can make the difference between “Hmmm…maybe not today.” and “Ok, I’ll buy that.”

Keep Her Spontaneous

She is known to be impulsive. This one goes for men too. You’ve heard it many times. “I always end up buying things I didn’t intend to when I walked into the store.” By keeping your store top-of-mind for her, she will walk through your doors and find many more items she didn’t even know she needed. And isn’t that the ultimate goal?

Women are looking for the grocery industry to show them that they care about them. As the demands on women continue to grow, they are looking for stores to be more accessible, convenient and trustworthy. Once you understand that, it’s not hard to speak their language and make them loyal customers.