The Secret Ingredient Missing From Your Digital Outreach

Webstop outperforms competitors across all major categories, including what matters most…customer loyalty. 

Life happens on the internet, and in the grocery industry, an online presence is non-negotiable. Oftentimes, it’s the first impression a store is able to make on a potential customer. It’s where they learn where you’re located, what you offer, and what separates you from the competition. And this all takes place before a shopper ever steps foot inside a store. 

Because of this, retailers are constantly trying to fine-tune their digital identity, and there is no shortage of third-party businesses willing to help. Many offer weekly digital flyers that promise huge savings, and the convenience of an app. But not all digital marketing services are created equal. Supplying coupons and a mobile experience is useful, but only if it’s also putting your business in a position to gain repeat visits from customers. 

Expect More 

For example, take Flipp. As a retail technology, Flipp provides weekly digital flyers from retailers in close proximity to the shopper using the service. The service allows you to build a shopping list ahead of your visit to the store, and even matches the items you choose with locations where they are on sale in your area. Each of these services provides helpful ways of promoting digital engagement that benefits customers. 

But Flipp provides little benefit to individual stores. In their digital layout, Flipp places retailer ads right next to each other, making stores compete with each other for the attention of the shopper. Although this makes it easy for shoppers to compare prices among stores, it discourages customer loyalty to any one store. Communication between the app and the customer only serves to further promote Flipp, not any particular retailer.

Create Loyalty 

One of the primary benefits of using a third party for digital support is the ability to promote your individual store, and orient the data you collect towards gaining repeat customers. With Flipp, your store is one of many. Standing out among your competitors is left up to a variety of factors outside of the retailer’s control. Grocers have to hope that their ad is in the right place at the right time and that the price they are offering is lower than other stores. 

Ultimately, Flipp, and services like it, provide very little incentive for customers to make repeat visits. It conditions customers to seek out a different store with each visit, depending on how the app happens to display information on any given day. When visits are random, stores lack the ability to fully know and understand their customers. Retailers lose the ability to offer the best service possible and give up hope of incentivizing sales. In the competitive grocery landscape, an inability to inspire loyalty can be the difference between thriving and struggling. 

Know Your Customer

Webstop creates responsive websites and mobile apps that are designed to work seamlessly with existing digital features. Digital circulars and coupons are framed as an interactive experience that drives repeat engagement. Newsletters and social media support interpersonal communication with customers that complement other digital channels. 

Webstop goes the extra mile for retailers by offering a surplus of digital services entirely focused on your store.

In addition to these invaluable resources, Webstop collects and shares actionable data with the retailers themselves. By closely tracking shopping activity, Webstop provides crucial insights for local stores allowing them to create a deeper connection with their customers. This allows stores to better know their shoppers, and create a user experience that caters to their specific needs.

Capture Attention 

Grocery stores have no choice but to prioritize their web presence. And with a surplus of potential options, it’s difficult to know which third-party services you can trust. Webstop offers grocery stores a cohesive program of resources that helps retailers get the most out of their existing strategies. This goes above and beyond typical third-party vendors by offering real-time solutions for anything related to digital life. 

But most importantly, Webstop orients all of its services towards promoting customer loyalty… by displaying stores away from their competitors, and regularly providing insightful data, retailers gain everything they need to bring customers back and improve their engagement. 

Could your store benefit from an increase in customer loyalty? Contact Webstop today for a free consultation.