The Value of Push Notifications

How retailers that offer a mobile app can increase customer loyalty and engagement with this simple implementation

The experience of receiving a push notification has become second nature. Users know that by downloading an app, they are entering into a relationship where there will be consistent communication, and retailers have taken notice.

Recent data suggests that users who receive push notifications logged 53% more monthly sessions than those who did not.

Just to level set, push notifications are messages sent to mobile app users similar to text messages. They have become ubiquitous with mobile app marketing. But some retailers are still apprehensive about using push notifications. They worry that over-communication will risk annoying their customers and turning them away from their brand. While it’s true that some users prefer not to receive push notifications, the message’s popularity over time has conditioned these users to opt-out. But for customers that are open to receiving them, push notifications work to establish vital ongoing conversations with retailers that lead to important results over time.

The Value for Retailers

For retailers, push notifications provide a surplus of benefits. They increase open rates, provide new opportunities for engagement, and help facilitate long-term customer loyalty. The significance of push notifications is seen in their versatility. Retailers can use them to offer promotional codes, reminders, news, or to help onboard new users into rewards programs. 

But retailers must always keep in mind that the success of push notifications is dependent on their value and relevancy. Plenty of retailers make the mistake of sending messages just because they can, but without value and relevancy, users will unsubscribe. One way of ensuring this is to customize push notifications, marketing to people, not just the device. This means segmenting users into different categories and sending relevant messages to each group. It also means using GPS and geofencing that engage users based on their real-time location. 

The Value for Users

For users, push notifications are nothing new. Customers have the option to download an app and, by doing so, confirm their interest in more intentional communication with an individual retailer or brand. For many, it’s a matter of convenience. Multiple studies confirm that potential shoppers prefer communication through mobile messaging over emails. 

As long as retailers are providing value, these relationships are an equal exchange. Push notifications offer customers potential savings, bring products that they need to their attention, and can help facilitate scheduling. Focused messaging brings a personalized experience that users prefer, akin to receiving a text message with a great recommendation from a friend.

The Value of Webstop

Push notifications allow retailers to increase customer retention and drive engagement. Despite some concerns about the invasiveness of push notifications, the data confirms their effectiveness.

After downloading an app, 61% of new users who received push notifications launched the app within the first month– more than double the 28% of users who did not receive them. 

Webstop has earned a reputation for equipping retailers to meet the expectations of today’s shoppers. The digital landscape has evolved to a point where today’s shoppers expect these types of mobile messages. Retailers know that shopper retention is their greatest asset, and maintaining good communication is vital to building long-lasting relationships. Push notifications are the most efficient way to develop and maintain customer loyalty over time.