Webstop and ShoptoCook Offering New Adsta Platform That Allows Independents to Monetize Their Digital Channels

A new media platform introduced by Adsta is enabling independent grocery retailers to monetize their digital channels by offering advertising opportunities to CPG brands. 

The platform offers financial models, analytics, reporting, consulting, access to national offers, and a digital marketing media platform that currently supports 3,500 stores. While large, national retailers have been able to operate retail media networks with these features, many independents and wholesalers do not have the same in-house resources. 

Shawn Tuckett, Adsta VP Sales and Marketing says, “What we’ve realized is that these independent retailers are positioned incredibly well to make money with the digital channels they already have, but they might only have a small in-house team running their technology. Adsta gives them the initial boost to start-up and ongoing support so they can make those CPG partnerships as valuable as possible.“

Adsta— a joint venture between Webstop and ShoptoCook— has partnered with brands like Kraft Heinz, Quaker, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Clorox, and Nestle, placing their products in front of millions of digital shoppers from independent grocery stores. 

In its first eight months, Adsta has generated over 200 million digital impressions for CPG brands and results are growing with each new campaign. These proven processes allow the company to equip independent retailers in operating their own retail media networks and profiting from CPG partnerships. 

“It’s just a great way for us to reach those independent customers and to be able to provide equity in advertising against our brands, amplifying what we already have going on in the circular and bringing it to life online. That has been so incredibly important, especially during this past year with the huge increase in consumers going onto websites and doing online shopping,” says Desiree Casey, senior shopper marketing manager for Kraft Heinz.

Webstop equips independent retailers with powerful end-to-end platforms that guide shoppers’ customer journeys through discovery to purchase. By providing websites, mobile apps, digital circulars, eCommerce, and more, Webstop gives independent retailers the tools they need to succeed in the market and compete with national chains. 

ShoptoCook is a one-stop-shop solution for independent retailers, ad groups, agencies, and retail chains across the United States looking to connect with customers through digital channels. Through in-store, web, and mobile technology, ShoptoCook drives shopper engagement and purchases.

For more information, visit https://www.adsta.com/retailer-solutions