Wholesalers: Take Our Challenge

Hello, 1990? You Weren’t That Great After All.

Hey, Wholesalers, remember this?

A grocery store faxed an order for various items to you. As their supplier, you manually put the order into your ordering system where it was processed and sent down to the warehouse to be fulfilled. You delivered the order and then you waited to get paid. Waited and waited and waited. The grocer had to hand count the entire shipment to make sure they received everything on their packing list. Their accounts payable department received your invoice, but they couldn’t even think of paying it until confirmation came that the quantities and prices on the packing list matched the shipment received. What if things were missing? What if the price discounts you promised weren’t extended? The whole process took a significant amount of time–both for you and for the grocer–and all of it allowed plenty of room for human error.

We often talk about previous eras as “the good old days.” But in this case, was it good? The process was clunky, inaccurate, and time-consuming.

Trading In the Fax Machine

For a lot of industry leaders, tracing the history of going from fax machine to laptops, websites and mobile apps is difficult. It seems like one day you were in Office Max buying a new-fangled printer/copy/fax machine and the next day you were trading that machine for a smartphone so you could surf the internet from the wifi at your local coffee shop.

Things have been moving fast, but these truly are the good NEW days.

Stumbling Forward

Technology has made the supply process faster, more accurate, and more profitable both for the wholesaler and for the grocer. One downside, perhaps, has been the difficulty to keep up with the fast-moving pace.
Keeping track of hundreds of retailer websites with a hodgepodge of different plug-ins and trying to remember which one is hosted where and with what agency can be overwhelming. Should you hire programmers, coders, and an entire IT department? This technology stuff promised to be more profitable and more efficient and now your budget is, at best, neutral but more often than not you’re in the red. Maybe, so far, it’s actually been very costly and challenging.

For something that is supposed to make life simpler, moving toward greater technology capabilities can feel more like stumbling forward than a smooth transition into the future.

Set for Success

What if a platform existed where your Retail Service staff could build, access, and edit all your independent grocery websites in a customizable, easy-to-use interface?
That platform does exist. It’s Webstop’s Multi-Retailer Platform, and it provides innovative digital solutions to keep you the most reliable, efficient supplier your grocers need. Let’s set you up for success.

The Multi-Retailer Platform Challenge

The Webstop team works with dozens of wholesalers using the Multi-Retailer Platform to increase sales, maximize efficiencies, and engage shoppers. Not only that, we are one of the top web providers to independent retailers across the country. So we know your grocers and what they need.

Wholesalers, we challenge you to compare the Multi-Retailer Platform against other technology options you’ve considered or even the technology tools you are currently using. We believe our platform is so simple and so profitable, you will find it an obvious choice.

The process is simple:

  1. You provide us with retail information from your independents
  2. We load them into the platform and build their sites
  3. You include the dynamic website service as an offering to your retailers

The best part is, you can show your customers their finished website before they even buy it. They will be thrilled to see that they will receive 5,000 recipes, online shopping lists, digital ad options, a store locator, loyalty programs, and more–all built in and ready to go.

We become your developers, designers, and your IT department, and we know how to make both you and your grocers more profitable and efficient without breaking the bank.

So, take the challenge. Contact us today so we can help you be the wholesale hero to independent grocers who are seeking digital success.

Become the wholesaler who makes digital marketing easier.