Why Email Marketing is Still the Best Way to Grow Your Business

With over 4 billion users and the highest ROI of all marketing channels, email is here to stay.

Carving out time to sit down and check your email used to be its own event, but nowadays emails are a constant reality. They bring communication from friends, important correspondence from work, and exclusive deals from brands that help lead to savings. With over 4 billion email users around the world, it is by far our most consistent and functional form of communication. Email generates $42 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 4,200% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available. The quantity of emails everyone receives on a daily basis might lead some to believe that email marketing is a waste of time. After all, how can you make an impact when your messaging is just one notification among so many others? 

But the opposite is true…

Regular emails that contain some piece of valuable information remain the quickest way to build long-term relationships with customers. It’s easy to think about emails as a potential nuisance, a thing that retailers need to send at the risk of pushing consumers away. But in reality, emails exist as an ongoing conversation between a business and its customers. 99% of email users check their inbox every day, with some checking 20 times a day. Of those people, 58% of consumers check their email first thing in the morning. Even when they aren’t opened, emails still work to put your name in front of consumers and remind them of your store’s value. 

Email’s Impact by the Numbers 

The effectiveness of consistent email outreach can be seen in the numbers. 

Email marketing: 

Promises the highest ROI of all marketing channels at $42 back for every dollar spent. 

Is up to 40x more effective than social media, and helps facilitate paths to purchase at a rate 3x faster than social media.

Is vital to staying competitive, with over 80% of businesses saying they rely on email as their primary acquisition channel. 

A strong email campaign accomplishes a variety of essential tasks for a business. It maintains contact with customers in real-time in a medium they are familiar with, it makes marketing easy to measure, and it allows for targeted messaging. Plus it works to consistently build brand awareness, all for an affordable price. 

Target Your Audience 

The significance of email marketing has been well documented and has worked to create a variety of third-party services to help businesses with their digital outreach. In the grocery industry, no one else comes close to the innovative email opportunities provided by Webstop. By diving in and taking the time to learn the particular contexts and needs of specific retailers, Webstop helps to develop and send vibrant, customized email campaigns at any given moment. 

Webstop gives grocers the ability to automate email campaigns targeted to specific audiences depending on sales data and even can go as far as utilizing advanced segmentation of existing subscribers. This means retailers can group their audience based on past behaviors, interests, and demographics. Plus, Webstop offers in-depth analytics on all email engagement, so retailers can gain knowledge about what is working for their audience. 

Gain New Customers 

Webstop’s strategies aren’t limited to initial outreach, it also provides innovative paths aimed at connecting retailers with customers outside of their email lists. This includes users who have been on the retailer’s website and showed interest but left without making a purchase or generating a lead. 

This level of retargeting opens up exciting new opportunities for retailers by putting them directly in the inbox of customers they’re currently missing. Shoppers who have demonstrated interest are now able to receive custom campaigns designed especially for them, which means more clicks, and ultimately, conversions. All while skipping the difficult task of generating leads. 

Build Lasting Loyalty 

The connection between retailers and their shoppers is like any other relationship, it requires frequent communication and negotiating expectations. Email marketing has proven to be the most effective and cost-efficient form of communication, allowing grocers to help their customers find exactly what they need precisely when they’re looking. 

Webstop helps retailers be effective communicators with all of their shoppers, whether they have generated leads in the past or not. By building calculated email campaigns based on a surplus of actionable data, Webstop helps guide consumers from discovery to purchase. And extensive analytics about what was successful helps set you up for success well into the future. 

Can you afford to miss out on connecting with a larger audience?